Monday, 23.October 2000

A new song is added to the musicsection. Blood Money had to give its startsequence for this song. The first song with more selfmade music. Try it at the Remasteres-Music-Section.


Saturday, 21.October 2000

Ooh, Back to 64k as a Jukebox ? No, not that kind. With SIDPlug we have the ability to play SID-Songs. You don´t have SIDPlug ? Then click on the SIDPlug - Image at the top and download this plugin. That´s the feeling you need! Listening to old C64-music while surfing Back to 64k. And then you feel it. A feeling of happiness. A feeling of living history, contentment, just REVIVAL...


Friday, 20.October 2000 (1 Week after Friday 13th)

We´ve changed the News-Section. Now you´ll find older news at separate pages... . The Links-Section has been updated. Take a look at it. You can use your "Back to 64k"-Site now as a Surfstation. Oh, and always take a look at the Demos-Section. It´s constantly growing.


Tuesday, 10.October 2000

The Demos-Section is online. At the moment there are only 2 demos available, but this section will grow continuously. So have a look at any time, you visit us.

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