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Monday, 30.April 2001

After some problems with our E-Mail address the problems are now gone and the show can go on.
You can find now 20 new demos in the demosection.
Drug 64, Extremes, Fantasia 3, Fatal Terror, Feeling Retro, Fruits, Ice Cream Castle, Krestology, Krestory, Legoland, Mergezo Anyag 3, Movie World, Out Of Daze, Reanimated, Relightening, Revolution, Scream, Triage 1, Triage 2, Unsound Minds 3.


Monday, 30.April 2001

Due to a problem with your provider you cannot hear SID-Music.
We try to solve the problem as soon as possible.


Friday, 02.February 2001

Hello Demolovers. There are 8 new demos in the demosection:
Arcanum, Coma Light 12, Starburst, Contact, Dutch Breeze, Art Bizzare, The Barn 3, Our Darkness.
Much fun with these great pieces of demowork.


Friday, 19.January 2001

Attention: Our EMail-Adress 64k@back.to doesn't work! So, if you want to write to us please mail to dschult@gmx.de


Thursday, 18.January 2001

We've got problems with our E-Mail address. Please don't contact us until 20.01.2001. We don't know, if we receive your messages. Thank you!


Saturday, 13.January 2001

A happy new year to all C64-fans and visitors of our page. There is a new section, the 64'er Commander section is now open. At the moment you can only read some information about the program. The first beta will be out in spring. So don't forget to visit our page for more updates.


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