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You found the hidden entrance to the secrets of the Revival Team. You want to know some privates about the members of the "Revival Team"? Then you´re on the right site. Afterwards you´ll find some informations about the members of the "Revival Team".


What is the "Revival Team" ?

"Revival Team" consists of 2 Persons, Daniel and Wocki. The birth of this group was in august of the year 2000. At this time we were both studying computer science at the HTWK Leipzig. After writing our thesis in computerscience and getting the diploma we're now working in seperate firms as software developers. In our little sparetime we try to manage and update this site and all other sites, created and managed by just one member of the Revival Team. If you want to visit some of the other sites, visit www.revivalteam.de or look at the end of this site.


What´s the request of this page ?

We´re both fans of the good old breadbox. The Back to 64k-Site is our way to keep the Commodore 64 alive. In supporting this paging and creating the tools and sounds you find at this pages, we feel part of a big community concerning C64. Greetings are going out to all C64-Fans in the world! Help us to keep this site alive! The more visitors we get, the more fun we've got, the more stuff you'll get...


Do you have private homepages ?

If there´s somebody interested in our private Homepages, you´ll find them behind the following links. But before you visit this site listen to this. The private Homepages are mostly older and not up to date (optical and technical). For this we have our Back to 64k-Site. This is, were we try new techniques and optical changes. Don´t be surprised, parts of the private Homepages are held in our motherlanguage German.

Daniels Softwarepage
Wockipage (actually under construction)

What can we do if we want to link to your site?

For all of you who want to add a link on their pages, we've designed a linkbutton. You may also link to us with a simple textlink, but the buttons make your site looking pretty good.

Revival Team - Back to 64k
Revival Team - Back to 64k



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